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Want to stand out in the crowd? E-Z send an E2b!

What is an E2b? It's a customized personal electronic business impression. It's a business card and emailer all-in-one and it's a great way to capture attention and put your face above the competition! Use your E2b as an e-greeting to introduce yourself or business, as online advertising, custom E-blast emailers for Constant Contact and MailChimp, or as an e-card to say thank you! There are limitless possibilities for using it to make a lasting impression and leave them wanting more!

E2b's are perfect for actors, models, performers, casting directors, photographers, designers, executives, professionals, anyone who uses email or social networking sites!

Send business and personal contacts updates on your current projects all in one simple step from your browser. Use an E2b from most any email program; mac-mail, g-mail, yahoo-mail, outlook, thunderbird and others! You can also use E2b's as a landing page for your Facebook or other social media sites! Show off your work and get a response with an easy, affordable E2b today!

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E2b Examples
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e2b Custom Email
Easily customizable features give you the ability to send personalized emails or copy and paste it for social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube, My Space, Craigslist and Ebay!
E - Business Welcome Card (sample)
E - Thank You Cards
Compatible with most email software and webmail clients. Below are a few examples of how the emailer looks embeded into an email such as Mac Mail, Gmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Outlook, AOL. [click here for directions]

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The value and impact of a simple 'Thank You' letter as a follow up to an interview, audition or meeting can be a tremendous asset. A customized 'Thank You' with your picture easily viewable allows your contact to place your face with your thank you and creates a strong positive association.

You can't lose by sending thank you letters; if you weren't going to get the job, it won't make any difference, but if you're in with a chance it could tip the balance in your favor! Below is one of our basic samples.

Order now and get your customized E2b for only $30

Email Footers - Digital Signature
Add a digital signature with direct links to your website, Facebook, Youtube or other sites to all of your emails for a polished more professional look.

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